Real Estate Sellers

When you sell your home, the Buyer is going to ask for all kinds of absurd repairs and credits, and they will take their sweet time to secure financing.  Meanwhile, you are busy making plans to buy a new home and move.  On top of all that, there is a Buyer’s attorney and agent pushing to take money out of your pocket.  By engaging me as you attorney, you have an effective firewall in place to prevent the Buyer from taking advantage of you.  LoftusLaw will effectively and efficiently move the transaction from contract to closing.

Real Estate Buyers

You’re under contract to buy a home, and you’ve done the inspection.  Now the real work begins, because you found out that the water heater leaks gas and the electrical panel is a model known to spontaneously combust.  These are things the Seller should fix, and I will do what it takes to get them done.  On the way to closing, your earnest money will be fully protected, and we will get you into your new home.

Real Estate Investors

Real estate is a fantastic way to invest your money in a way that provides a nice flow of cash.  As an investor, your needs are a little different than the average home buyer.  It is important to engage an attorney who will guide you through the process and identify issues that could end up sinking your investment later on.  Are there building violations or lawsuits involving the property?  Are all of the units legal?  Has the landlord complied with local landlord tenant laws?  LoftusLaw has been through the process with its clients, and we can guide you through it using our vast experience.


So you’ve invested in real estate.  Congrats!  However, sometimes tenants quit paying.  LoftusLaw will quickly and effectively evict those tenants.  From the five day notice to the sheriff’s eviction, LoftusLaw can take the burden off of you, so that you can focus on bringing in a new tenant, who will actually pay the rent.

Business Formation

Your investment is supposed to provide a path to wealth, which is why it is important to set yourself up in a way that it won’t have the opposite effect.  By forming an LLC or corporation, you can protect the rest of your assets from a liability you incur in connection with your investment property.  That way, if one of your tenants sues you, the LLC or corporation will protect everything else you own.  We can also prepare operating agreements between partners that can provide the framework for your business.