What Is Airfare Hacking?

Some of you know that I just got back from a short trip to see the sites in Warsaw, Poland.  Whether it is a good idea to lose and gain 7 hours in the span of 5 days is debatable, the trip was a great success.  The best part is that the whole trip cost about $1,000, including airfare.  It all starts with something called “flight hacking.”

This is not a complicated as it sounds.  There are a few tools that are easy to use, which can have you traveling the world for dirt cheap.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

The best flight hacking tool I have encountered is Scott’s Cheap Flights.  Click on the link and sign up to be on his email list.  It’s free to use, and 3-4 times per week, you will receive emails with relatively inexpensive airfares he has found, with instructions on how to book.  There is a premium option, but I use the free one.  I have used SCF to book a flight to London for $505, Warsaw for $351 and Vietnam/Thailand for $430 this year alone.  I would say that Scott should start paying me for the number of times I have endorsed him, but he is responsible for me taking 3 vacations abroad this year.  I should still be thanking him.  Follow him on Facebook and Twitter as well, because he typically releases the deals on social media several hours before emails go out.

Fly Almost Free

Another tool that is similar to Scott’s Cheap Flights is Fly Almost Free.  The concept is the same, except this site claims to have automated the cheap flight finding process.  I have not yet used FAF, but it appears to be legit.  I will have to expand on this once I have used it to book travel.

Google Flights

If you don’t want to wait around for an email, you can always head over to Google Flights and use its calendar tool to quickly find the lowest fares for any trip you want to take.  You can also set up alerts where Google shoots you an email when a particular airfare changes.  With a little patience and creativity, you might find the vacation of your dreams is much cheaper than expected.

There is more out there, but I think you get the gist.  Now is a fantastic time to travel!  Airfares are low, and the dollar is strong.  If you manage to book a trip using these tools please leave a comment below!  I would love to see where everyone is going!

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LoftusLaw Goes To London

In another departure from the topic of real estate, I am pleased to report that LoftusLaw (basically just me) had the honor of spending a week in London, UK soaking in the sites and learning about the UK legal system and the legal traditions we share with our brothers and sisters across the pond.  I would like to give a huge thanks to the Chicago Bar Association, and especially Beth McMeen for organizing the trip.  It is no small feat to get over 100 attorneys and their guests moving in the same direction for three straight days!

The highlight of the trip was a banquet at the Inner Temple Main Hall.  The Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court in London.  All barristers in England and Wales must be a member of one of the Inns.  The exact date of founding of the Inner Temple is unknown, but it certainly existed no later than 1388 (according to Wikipedia at least).  Suffice to say there is a lot of history to soak in there!

After dinner, we were treated to a few words by Robin Griffith-Jones, the Reverend and Valiant Master of the Temple (what a title!) and Justice of the Supreme Court, the Right Honourable Lord Hughes of Ombersley.  The Master of the Temple is actually referred to by Dan Brown in the DaVinci Code!  Although the Master does not recall his meeting with Dan Brown (pre book), Brown apparently caught the Master on a bad day (you can read all about it in the Master’s book).  Both speakers were extremely entertaining.  To top of the evening, we were treated to a violin and piano concert in the Temple Church, which dates back to the 12th century.  Sara Su Jones and Neil Posner, both lawyers and CBA members, provided us with beautiful music.  The whole evening was a night that I will not soon forget.

There were many other highlights on the trip (Windsor Castle, Royal Courts of Justice, Middle Temple Hall, etc.).  Feel free to ask about them!  As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at 773-632-8330 or patrick@loftus-law.com.  And finally, as always, I am honored by your referrals.  To learn more about my practice, please contact me!