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Spreading Some Non-Profit Love

LoftusLaw is decidedly for profit.  However, it is important to give back.  Not only does it feel good to give, it is just the right thing to do.  Hopefully I can inspire some giving here, by telling you a little bit about my favorite charities.

World Wildlife Fund

I like WWF, because of their support of professional wrestling… ha ha, /r/dadjokes.  Actually, my support of WWF began after a few glasses of wine and a WWF commercial starring some adorable elephants.  I was compelled by the opportunity to ‘adopt’ an elephant, although I am not sure the customer service representative appreciated my somewhat inebriated pattern of speech at 11:00pm on a Tuesday.  Needless to say, I have been a regular contributor ever since.  Charity Navigator gives them 3 stars out of a possible 4.

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Back in 2012, I had an opportunity to volunteer at Greater Chicago Food Depository for an evening, during which I put together boxes of food for families in need.  The people at GCFD are great, and it was abundantly clear to me that these people are doing great things in the community and definitely have their heart in the right place.  And if all that isn’t enough to convince you, Charity Navigator gives them a perfect 4 star rating.

Chicago Animal Advocates

I know the founder of CAA personally, and I can attest without reservation that every penny donated to CAA goes to dogs, cats and other animals right here in Chicagoland.  They have saved hundreds of animals from being euthanized and brought joy to countless families by matching them with loving animal companions.  You won’t find a Charity Navigator score, but you don’t need it because I can personally vouch for this one.

Charity Navigator

I mentioned Charity Navigator several times already.  Although it is not a charity itself, I love the idea that someone has done some work to vet the various charities to whom I might want to give money.  Few things are more frustrating than to find out that 98% of my donation to a particular charity goes to the CEO’s salary.  You can use Charity Navigator to find charities that actually do good and click right through to make a donation.

Do you have a favorite charity?  Feel free to comment below!  Nothing would bring me more joy than to find out that this blog post inspired even one donation!  So rather than my usual call to action, this time I encourage your to click through to one of the charities above and make a difference in the world.


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